Sing for Joy!


This song makes me happy. It’s on my let’s-stay-awake-on-a-long-journey mix and I love belting it out when I’m on my own in the car!

It also has a rather serious side and highlights how each one of us can do something small that can have a BIG impact on others.

I’m full of hope that one day the world will sing along!

We’re all together again, we’re here, we’re here!



Following on from yesterday, it’s just great when we do meet up with friends and “We’re all together again!”


I haven’t sung this for quite a while but it’s fun to do the different voices – the squeaky Rainbow, the saucy Brownie, the sassy Guide and the “posh” Commissioner. When I was a Guide, it seemed so naughty to sing it ‘like a Commissioner’. How things have changed – thank goodness!

I look forward to seeing you again…tomorrow!

Say why….

7-friends-openedBack to something a little more serious today! Today’s song is
“Say why do we have to say goodbye”

Friendship is a key part of Girlguiding. The friends you make in your unit, the girls you meet out and about at trainings, camps, international events and other guiding gatherings, and the people you “just bump into” and discover you have a guiding connection.

I have made friends through guiding throughout my life all over the UK and in many different parts of the world. And those friendships endure. You may not see some of those friends very often, but it is amazing how you just pick up again when you do meet up (in person or online).

This year I re-connected face-to-face with Mary at WOW camp – Mary was a Ranger when I was a new Guide and inspired me to be a Ranger “when I grew up”. Thank you Mary!
This year I’ve made new friends including a whole Brownie unit from Coity at the sleepover at the National Library. Great photos, girls!
And this year I wasn’t in uniform and didn’t even have my Guide badge on when I made new Guiding friends with (President) Karen and (Chief Commissioner) Marjoe in Malta a few weeks ago – someone introduced us and we immediately started chattering and hit it off straight away.

This song is all about friendship. About having to say goodbye (“Say why do we have to say goodbye”), wondering if you’ll meet up again (“Say when will we ever meet again”), but knowing that wherever it is you’ll still be friends (“Say where and I’ll meet you right there”).

Have you made new guiding friends this year, or met up with past friends? Share your stories with me – or just stop by and say ‘hello’, I’d love to hear from you…..

Here’s a really silly song!

6-bananas-openedSo far I’ve been pretty good and kept away from the crazy songs – well 6 days in and I think it’s time to reveal my silly side with

“Bananas of the world unite!”

It’s an easy one to teach a group of Brownies (or Rainbows) too. They think it’s very funny. I always giggle at the actions for “Peel bananas”

And, of course, the finale of “Go Bananas” just proves that we are all completely “bananas” at times.

Have fun…see you tomorrow,

Dancing in the square

5-tzena-openedYes, favourite number 5 is Tzena.

I’ve got a bit of a love-hate relationship with this one.


For a time when I was a Guide we ALWAYS sang this song, every single time we had a campfire or closed our unit meeting we sang Tzena. It did get a bit wearing!

But after a bit of a rest, it has regained a place in my heart and is amongst my favourites.

It’s very uplifting – just imaging everyone coming together and dancing in the square, wouldn’t that be wonderful.

See you tomorrow,

A tiny hidden flower and fresh mountain air


Isn’t it amazing how we can take a well-known, well-loved song and make it out own.

Behind window number 4 is “Edelweiss”.
Singing Edelweiss evokes images and memories of Switzerland, mountains, Our Chalet and enjoying the outdoor life.

But….it takes a lot of concentration to sing. First, it’s a “proper” tune so I have to rely on the rest of my unit team and the girls to make sure we sing it tunefully and that I ‘fit’ in!

Then there’s the actions – left hand up, right hand on top of the left hand of the person next to you. Such simple instructions and yet so many interpretations! And now the clapping on 6 beats!

Oh what a joy when it works! I love it. (I equally love it when the whole group dissolves into fits of laughter when they just can’t get it!)

And for the very accomplished to be part of the change in sequence from right hand lead to left – just fantastic!!

So far I’ve shared 4 of my favourite guiding songs. What’s your favourite? I’d love to hear, so leave me a message here.

In the meantime, see you tomorrow with my favourite number 5!!!!

A shopping experience!

3-aunty-monica-openWow, it’s 3rd December already! I hope I’m not interrupting your Christmas shopping. Or maybe you’re going out shopping for someone in your family….maybe Aunty Monica? Because…..

“I have an aunty, an aunty Monica
And when she goes out shopping, they all say Oh la la!”

When you sing this song you can just picture Monica sashaying along the High Street, can’t you. There she is with her feather, hat, muff and skirt all swaying. For me she has always been a lady of ample proportions with a huge smile on her face. In fact, I think I met her, or some ladies connected to her very recently!

At the recent Soroptimist International conference, our lovely ladies from Nigeria were dancing in the aisles at the closing ceremony. They were in full traditional dress, including their amazing gele (pronounced gay-lay) head wraps – I’d love to learn how to tie one, if anyone can help, please. Not only were they were swaying to and fro with huge smiles on their faces, they were also enveloping anyone who came within striking distance. Oh la la!

Lots of fun, lots of smiles and lots of friendship.

Enjoy your shopping!